branded environments

Singage throwback

Bader Rutter engaged with our team to create signage and wayfinding elements that would compliment their new office space. The building, situated along the Milwaukee River, is a unique mix of new construction merged with an old complex of buildings.  One of the buildings housed a camping store until 2013 and was originally built in 1874 by the Northwestern Furniture Company. 

The showpiece upon entering their lobby is the 8 foot logo constructed by layering aluminum rod carefully formed to the curved design of their brand. 

We created room signage and wayfinding elements with authentic materials that would be timeless, refined with an industrial slant - using mixed milk glass, oxidized steel and hand lettering throughout the space. 

Chicago's Coolest Offices 2017

We are thrilled to be part of the project team for one of Crains Chicago Business' 2017 Coolest Chicago offices! We couldn't have had more fun coming up with a way to celebrate Chicago's rich history.  Chicago is most know for it's architecture, art, people, food and music.

The "Sweet Home Chicago Wall" is meant to celebrate Chicago's diverse music scene. The design emulates the lines of the Chicago commuter train transportation grid and celebrates iconic Chicago and Illinois musicians. The mural depicts famous musicians and popular music venues throughout the metropolitan area. Additionally, LPs of famous Chicago musicians are showcased along the grid. Chicago’s music scene permeates the entire metropolitan area, as depicted by the music wall, which reinforces the concept of tying people and place with the universal theme of music. 

To further celebrate Chicago and the importance of the city’s business environment in its design - Chicago is home to the firm’s second largest office with more than 2,300 employees. The design of the hub, and the oversized flag mural, reinforce the idea that working with the firm is not just about doing good business, but being a good corporate citizen. 



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