Forcade holiday gifts 1998-2005

For more than 20 years Forcade has been sending a little something special to our clients around the holidays as a thank you for their business. Here's a little recap of some of our early gifts. 

1998 Tree template

A little throw back to the tools of design in the early days - a tree template, in scale and ready to add to any architectural drawing. 

2000 Kansas City BBQ

Recently some one pointed out that all of the people that we work with are from Kansas (or the land of Ahs) it even struck us a little funny.  But, so be it.  So we decided that we needed to give what comes from our hometown.

One of the greatest things about our region is the cuisine and if you are talking Kansas City then you got to be talking Bar Be Que.  We will go on record this place is Q central.  Bold, spicy, bone suckin' good sauce is the center of attraction.  Pour it, dip with it, smear it on and Enjoy! Regional cooking a truly indigenous delight.

No one said you couldn't fire up the grill in december.
Pour it, dip it, smear it, slather it on and Enjoy!

2001 la creme d'amore

"Tears of love" as we were told when we first had these in Rome. Gocce di rosolio- Rosolio drops are sugar drops onto starch filled indentations, the sugar then crystalizes and is lifted from the starch where the thinest of sugar crust has formed. The drops enclose a bead of liquid rosolio inside the thin sugar crust, that when bitten into releases the precious aroma of fine essences.  

2002 chocolate

Handmade chocolates from Michel Cluizel. Two varieties - one of different origins of cocoa and the other percenatges of cocoa.  

2004 smell sip savor

Over four thousand year ago, a Chinese Emperor was sitting beneath a tree while his servant boiled drinking water.  Legend has it that a leaf from the wild tea tree dropped into the water and the Emperor, an herbalist, decided to try the brew. He found the experience to be refreshing and relaxing as have many cultures since that time. 

Take a little time and try these blends. Sit back, take a sip and de-stress.  Sometimes slowing down a bit is the only way to get ahead.

2005 Kansas isn't as flat as you think


Three geographers compared the flatness of Kansas to the flatness of a pancake. They used topographic data from a digital scale model prepared by the US geological Survey, and they purchased a pancake from IHOP. If perfect flatness were the value of 1.00, they reported the calculated flatness of a pancake would be 0.957" "which is pretty flat, but far from perfectly flat". Kansas's flatness, however, turned out to be 0.997, which they said might be described, mathematically, as "damn flat". Flat out beautiful we say! 

Purchase this little book of Kansas beauty by one of our friends and colleagues here