Placemaking in the Corporate Environment

In corporate environments, it is logical for the workplace to be organized by team or by department. However, when workers spend nearly every day in the same place with the same people, an insular perspective can develop. Employees may start to focus too much on the hurly-burly of their department, and lose sight of the greater vision. This problem compounds when an organization has multiple locations across the country or around the world.

It is vital for team members to know they are a valuable part of an organization pursuing shared goals. Placemaking in the corporate environment strategically places graphic elements to remind everyone they are part of something greater. The elements also serve as landmarks for individuals navigating the facility, which enhances productivity.

While placemaking, the design firm and the organization will produce, commission, or purchase pieces that best represent the corporate mission. Graphic elements might include photos, text, murals, or inspirational works of art. Every element chosen will reflect the organization’s vision and brand.

By placing the chosen works throughout an organization’s facilities, all employees will be reminded of the shared corporate goals. It also makes for a more welcoming and aesthetically-pleasing workplace. Best of all, placemaking in the corporate environment helps everyone feel they are a part of a cohesive team.

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