The layouts of healthcare establishments can be confusing and intimidating. Aside from making wayfinding difficult for patients, visitors, and new staff, a convoluted floorplan can increase stress in people who are already anxious. Your staff may also find themselves frequently interrupted to direct or escort the public, which decreases productivity. To optimize efficiency, our healthcare wayfinding experts work to design straightforward and appealing signage that creates a calming sense of security and awareness.

At Forcade Associates, we also understand the importance of environment. A warm, comforting, and inviting exterior or interior signage design can create an atmosphere that further reduces stress in patients and visitors. These designs can also improve confidence and productivity in staff. Our healthcare wayfinding experts are careful to incorporate your establishment’s brand and identity into our signage designs for cohesion throughout your spaces. Whether you need new or improved signage for a hospital, clinic, or other healthcare institution, trust our exterior and interior signage design solutions.

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